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An Interview with Rob Biehl of Prunin Arboriculture and Landscapes

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Prunin is a licensed, bonded and insured landscape contractor. As an industry leader in superior landscaping, tree service and maintenance, we take customer service to a new level. We have been servicing Orange County’s landscaping, tree service and maintenance needs for over 20 years.

Conveniently located in Orange County, Prunin provides homeowners and businesses with dozens of landscaping services, including new installations of irrigation systems, low-voltage lighting, hardscapes, softscapes, ponds, and the maintenance of lawns, trees and shrubbery. We have an arborist trained tree staff to maintain and beautify your trees and to diagnose health and pest issues. Prunin provides commercial and estate weekly landscape maintenance programs that are comprehensive; we do not “mow and blow and go.” Prunin has brought together the top talent to provide our customers with best when it comes to their landscape, trees and outdoor areas.

What is one of the most common trees your arborists are asked about tree care?

We are asked every day, “Why doesn’t my tree look good anymore? It used to look really nice and in the last year or so has gone downhill.” The answer is almost always something with the environment: water, soil, sun. These items must be correct for each type of tree to flourish.

Can you briefly explain some of the signs that your trees do not have the right growing environment?

We can usually tell by the size and coloring of the tree foliage. In the wrong environment, the foliage of any tree suffers. If your tree looks a little yellow, wilted or the leaves are smaller than normal, there is a good chance you have a problem with your environment.

What are some of the biggest factors for optimum tree health?

I always say that the right tree, in the right location with the right sun, water and soil makes for a happy tree. It seems very basic, but this is the issue we deal with in almost every single landscape we enter. One or more of these issues are present in every yard. Many times the tree was in the right location when it was first planted, but as the landscape grows and matures, it gets squeezed out. We also see that the soil in the area is naturally very poor. It is extremely important to be amending your soil every single year.

What do you recommend for the proper care of trees that have just been planted?

Newly planted trees need a little extra care for the first year or so. They need more water initially to get established. Newly planted trees need extra fertilizer at the beginning. Then a couple more times during the first year, and they need to be properly staked for the first year or two.

What advice do you have for people in Orange County who want to plant trees that aren’t native to the environment (or naturally live in a different environment)?

If the tree grows naturally in an environment similar to ours then it will probably be okay, but If the tree’s native environment is not similar to Southern California then I would recommend another tree.

What is one of the biggest challenges that Southern California homeowners have when it comes to tree care?

Besides improper trimming by a local gardener who is not a tree expert, I think water and soil are the two biggest problems we have when it comes to tree care. We consistently find trees every day that do not have the right soil and are not receiving the right amount of water. Surprisingly, I find more trees that are receiving too much water than trees that are not receiving enough.

What’s the best way for people to contact your company?

Prunin Arboriculture and Landscapes can be reached on the web at:, via email at: or at 714-236-9887.


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