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Perfect Floral Centerpieces for Spring

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Floral centerpieces: so beautiful but such a pain, right?


Well, not necessarily.


Turns out that it’s the perfect season to experiment with flowers: “Right now, you can get what are usually considered ‘luxury flowers’ like peonies and ranunculus just about anywhere.” Here, Prunin’s blooming good ideas for three occasions:



 ① Casual dinner party The elements: Ranunculus, hyacinth, kumquats in an antique tin Tip: “Use elements from your kitchen to bring everything together, like the kumquats in this arrangement. I love the ginger tin; a different vessel can really elevate the look of the flowers.”


② Hostess gift The elements: Peonies (or ranunculus and jasmine, pictured) in a green fleur-de-lis glass Tip: “Party hosts often have too much to do to have time to cut flowers. Give them flowers in a pretty vessel that could be a keepsake. Also, a trick is to let one variety of flowers speak for itself.”


③ Brunch The elements: Ranunculus, clematis, thlaspi ferns in a small, clear apothecary vase Tip: “A mini vase is great for brunch, because there are so many dishes on the table. Keep the flowers low and simple.” 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the fantastic flowers that are in season, you will be pleasantly surprised by a fresh new look.

Enjoy the treasures from you garden.  If you would like more information on gardens, landscaping or maintenance please contact Prunin Arboriculture and Landscape at 714-236-9887 or via email:




One thought on “Perfect Floral Centerpieces for Spring

  1. One of my goals this year is to use more flowers indoors. Why just enjoy them in the garden!

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